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Hello everyone, your lovable Dungeon Master, me, has set up camp up on Obsidian Portal and I’m already liking how it allows me to deal with EVERYTHING!

So, thank Tony, we are moving over here… which should be a simple copy and pasta for the information already made.


PRIORITY Campaign creation:

  • Finish the more ‘important’ histories. Currently on the backburner as I flesh out Act 0

Other Campaign Creation:

  • Character creation for the factions as the campaign progress

Note on factions, only I will know of them until you start to figure stuff out about them.

Finished Campaign Creation:

  • First Act: Lords of Plunder (Introduction into the World) Granted the local area stuff and NPCs haven’t been made yet :(


  • Samurai honour system. :D
  • Cleric: Domains associated with the religions (customising the world to make it relevent)
  • Magus: Magic storage system in gems (ala Rin from Fate Stay) just to see how it works, can be scrapped.
  • Religions
  • Map in colour (Now scanned thanks to Alfred!)
  • Factions have goals, can change as the campaign progresses and I get ideas. It will be in the GM section so I have constant access and you guys won’t know :D


  • Get Schedules! Important!

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