The Reward System

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Hey all,
Another brief post from your lovable Master of Games, because I like the ring of that more.
Cue lame come back: I will not fight Yugi for it either, that power of friendship is a force to be reckoned with… I’m surprised America hasn’t added it to its arsenal yet.

So, I was considering making the reward system a continuous living being to be meted out by me at our sessions depending on how active you guys are (within reason).

The idea was either to dish out an ‘extra life’, additional hard cash in the new economy, maybe something shiny, possibly even a level up outside that puts you ahead of the party.

I’m tinkering with the idea, and how easy it would be, I think I should arbitrarily give 1 point of reward for each session as the story is going to be going on for quite a while.

Opinions, thoughts and ideas?

I might even give you a penny.


Hmmmm I’m not sure how you want to work the reward system to be honest. You can go about it 2 ways, make stuff up using “points” as you put it, which would be complex as hell, as well an incredibly amazing to have as it gives flexibility and contribution by members (namely me). Otherwise you can base it in realism, where we find rewards based on the situation. We loot some highwayman? Well we are likely to find some rusted chain mail, an iron sword and a few coppers. We take down a some evil god like wizard, we get a some god like loot. All in all it is your call.

I wouldn’t mind the point system, and to be honest I’d say just leave it up to you to choose on the fly. You think we are contributing? Then have rewards for us pop up in game. We don’t contribute? Well no extra goodies pop-up. Simple as that. If you made a list, it’ll only make more work on you :P Or me as I keep thinking of new things….

The Reward System

Oh god, fix up that grammar!

Rewards on how active we are? Either I get my new timetable or my jackofalltrades bard will be left further in the dust further down the campaign. I think a few more details and examples could be needed before I make an informed choice. Rewarding your party is always a hard thing to do. Could we like pool up reward points for something awesome later or what?

The Reward System

It would be more complicated on your part if you want to give someone extra life or give them more gold, because of the calculations you have to go through. Why not just keep it simple with loot (whether it’s crap, normal, or godlike; and use the table to figure out the value and importance of it) and bonus reward points be given to people who contribute a nice chunk of creativity to the campaign.

Or bonus rewards can be granted in-game with an extra prana to cast/prepare spells or successfully crafting items without fail as a free act of mercy if they critically failed (one-time use only).

Ultimately, it is up to you. And Chris needs to stop whining about being left in the dark while he’s got the other end of the spectrum.

The Reward System

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