First session

The heroes met for the first time during a bandit confrontation in the town of Aurore. Supposed bandits attacked the city and the heroes rushed from the tavern to vanquish the bandits. Upon successfully driving the bandits from the city they were asked by the captain of the town’s guard to go to the local noble’s estate to request levees to defend the town. The party rapidly agreed to the request.

As they were leaving they inspected several weapons on the dead bandits and found them to be marked with the Empire’s seal. Uneasy by this fact but unsure what it meant, they dismissed it for the time being. The heroes agreed (some reluctantly) to escort the son of the noble whom they were going to visit so that they would have a guide to the estate.

On their way to the estate they were once again beset by bandits whom they once again quickly dispatched. Traveling many hours they arrived at the estate….


“some reluctantly”

Like they were swallowing arsenic. XD

First session

Lol you’re right about that :P But in the story book they never mention that some were at the point of killing the willing individuals…

First session

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