Rise and Fall of the Magister Pentarchy


The following is a collection from some entries of my earlier journals that I decided to collect in to a singular writing. Many of these entries are from disparate research opportunities I was able to undertake both before, during and a little after my famous journeys (which can be read in other writings). Some of these entries will not perfectly match as they were written at different times when I found different research materials, and there is some bias associated with my prejudices of my earlier days, that looking back, I realize was at times extreme. However at the advice of my close friend I have left my writings in their original state and simply congregated them here for your reading so that you may see the past through the eyes of how many a young Magi might. I will add some notes to help people of all education levels understand. It is my hope that other Magi may see how brash some of my views may have been and realize the folly of their long held views, or at least lead to change in how many Magi act. No where in the H.C.E. has such a history been compose or gathered due to past laws and restrictions on any information about the Pentarchy, and it is my hope that by this simple beginning that further, more in depth works will derive from my own. This will be my last personally written work as in my twilight years my sight and health is finally fading me, if any others works come this after will have to be by scribe. 100 years after my famous adventures this book is likely to be one of, if not the last adventure I will personally be able to experience, so enjoy my work, and remember; Magi are partners, not slaves, not servants, to the Empire. Be proud of what you do for the people and yourself.

Auberon “The Magus”
Magister to the Holy Empire of Cotronia in year 943

The Rise of the Magister Pentarchy and the Golden Age

So little remains of how the Pentarchy was founded. At the founding of the Empire to this day, any information regarding the Pentarchy is suppressed and destroyed, save for the Emperor’s eyes. Even our Magister has no information regarding it. What information can be found, is in church records in Imperos, and in what records can be found with the dwarves and elves. What is well known and accessible is that the H.C.E. was once a province of Imperos. It was a neglected province to be sure, with the Imperosian writ going no further then a few miles from the coast line however goods such as apples, lumber, coal, silver, and copper made the primary exports to Imperos.

Once the church was ruled by 12 cardinals, all highly skilled in the Power [Note: The Power and Magic are use interchangeably. The church made the word Magic to differentiate Magi from the church] with the Imperosian Emperor at its titular head. Now it is ruled by that same number of Cardinals but none have the Power. But why? What happened?

During my earlier years during my adventures I became fast friends with a Cleric and he has risen in the church ranks to the point where he managed to gain access to secret church records. As a personal favor he has shared much of the information, though he would not allow me to keep it. Nonetheless it has shed much light on some things, such as the reformation of the church and where the first Magisters came from. Though even in the church the information is scarce, what is known is that 6 Cardinals, known as the Betrayers by the church, broke off from the church taking with them

Age of Stagnation

Age of Power/Terror and the Fall of the Pentarchy

Rise and Fall of the Magister Pentarchy

Auctoritas loaneal