Religion of the Verdent Diamond


Noone knows the exact date when the religion established itself or its original founders, it is said the the gods made themselves known to the group of people, searching for their father whom they do not know of. Many speculate that the sisters Arkhē and Telos are descendants of Sorin, but noone truly knows as Sorin has not been heard to his followers since the Age of Gods as he trekked the River Sorin north through what is known today as the Duchy of Sorin.

Generally, ArkhÄ“ represents the beginning of things, as well as dominance and power. Generally viewed as the more ‘good’ of the sisters, she tends to reign over the dominions that result in beginnings and power. Telos on the other hand, represents the end while holding reign over a sense of ‘purpose’ and goal. Though considered ‘evil’ in the sense she is connected with dead, noone can deny their purpose and their goals, and as such she is viewed with a skeptical eye, even though some of her dominions involve necromancy and the end of things.

*All followers of this religion carry a verdant diamond shaped pendant, usually made out of wood and tinted green. The wealthier classes tend to be able to use a green gem, on a golden diamond pendent.

(Note this is incredibly rough and WILL be subjected to edits by myself, either to flesh out the religion a bit more or to fix my numerous grammatical and greivous spelling mistakes.)

Religion of the Verdent Diamond

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