This was designed primarily for Wizards and Sorcerors in mind, but to the same extent it can extend to the Magus class. So pay attention kids, although if you want a general overview of how Magic functions, refer to How Magic functions as now we are going to deal with the basic numbers.

I’ve kept the basics the same, as I didn’t want to tweak the “Intelligence must be 10 + [Spell Level] in order to cast” and “Saving throws against a Wizard’s spell is 10 + [Spell Level] + [Wizard’s Int. Modifier]”

So lets get to the knit and grit, with a brief overview. Constitution and to a lesser extent, Charisma tend to represent the natural lifeforce of an individual (Odic Force)
Intelligence simply represents the ability of an individual to manipulate said internal forces to manipulate the external. (When dealing with magic of course)

Spell Level 0th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Prana Cost 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512

Now for the basics.
Basic Conversion 1 Odic Force = 4 Prana
+1 Con. = 0.5 Odic Force = 2 Prana
+1 Chr. = 0.25 Odic Force = 1 Prana

  • So by design, one can convert their excess modifiers for Constitution and Charisma in order to tap into their Odic Forces to use. The downside of using ones natural supply, is that one temporary loses these modifiers, and can’t go below zero (Modifier bonus of zero) thereby losing the bonuses provided by the extra Constitution and Charsma in their rolls that relate to them. A good days rest (at least 4 hours) will revert the temporary loss, regardless of the how much used.

The Overall formula for gathering and refining Prana is as follows. Several steps, but simple.
[Odic Forces present] x 4 = [Total Prana]
[((Natural Supply) x (Magic Circuit Modifier))Stored O.F] x 4 = [Prana gathered]/[Enviroment]
[(((ConMod x 0.5)
(ChrMod x 0.25))x MCM)+SOF] x 4 x [Enviroment] = [Prana Gathered]

  • Always round down, consider it a natural by product caused by the inefficiencies in the system

Okay, it doesn’t look simple, but you have to beleive me that the system is quite intuitive when you get down to it. You simply need to imput the correct amount of Constitution and Charisma in to get the desired Prana to cast your spell, with the appropriate modifiers and stored Prana of course.

Gem Casting

  • So long as the gem has contact with the user, they may proceed to use multiple gems at use to provide the sufficient Odic Force neccessary to gather the Prana needed to cast a spell.
    The Odic limit for storage is defined simply as,
    Odic Force Limit = (Quality)x(Size)x(Type)
Size Quality Type
Ring 1 Rough 2 Amber 0.5
2 Shaped 3 Amethyst 1
Amulet 3 Polished 4 Ruby 1.5
4 = = = = = = Jade 2
5 Chipped -1 Emerald 2.5
Human Fist 6 Cracked -2 White Sapphire 4
Diamond 5
  • A polished amber ring would therefore store 2 Odic Forces
  • A shaped diamond the size of a human fist would store 90 Odic Forces

One may simply store their Odic forces left over for the day into the gem of their choosing, this requires an hour to do, and will require at least 4 hours rest before the modifiers return to normal. You can not go below zero.

Magic Circuits
These act as a modifier in conjunction with the user’s natural supply of their Odic Forces. The limits of Magic circuits is determined b the combination of the hosts Con and Charisma modifiers.

Each Magic circuit adds a x2 modifier.
1 MC = x 2
2 MC = x 4
3 MC = x 6

  • At levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 a wizard or sorceror gain a MC unless they have already attained their maximum, which applies to the rules below as well. (Gain a feat, gain a MC)
  • At every level up, a Wizard/Sorceror may choose 1 + 1/2 IntMod (rounded down) numbers on a D20. If one of the numbers are choosen, they gain a MC.
    *Past level 10 a wizard/sorceror may choose to spend a day to create a MC. So long as they don’t roll a 1 on a D20, they may proceed to create a MC as if they were levelling up, if they rolled a one, they must spend 2 days to recover from the failure. They follow the regular rules of ‘levelling up’ and regardless of failure or success at this point, they must spend a day to rest to represent the stress they have to put their body under.

An area effects the amount of Prana present to gather, in regards to the density. This method is generally preferred by Elves and Druids in order to cast their magicks, although Sorcerors and Wizards will notice the ease of which Prana is gathered in the more abundant enviroments.
| Density of Prana | Modifier applied |
| Prana Scarce | 0.5 |
| Normal | 1 |
| Above Average | 1.5 |
| Abundant | 3 |

  • Generally though, normal will be the most common, and scarce fairly rare as tundras and deserts (although possessing life) will not contribute much.
  • On the higher scale, forests will possess greater densities of Prana (Above Average, bogs and marshes count as well) and in rare cases Abundance may appear (in tropics or rich forests) although a battlefield may prvoide a similar amount however temporary it will last.
  • Cities provide a normal amount, sentient species naturally permeate Prana from unused and unfocused Odic Forces.

Requires the use of a cermonial blade made to focus the Odic forces of the victim. If the victim is a sentient being, they will release 9 + ConMod + ChrMod/2 of Odic Force that can be either used immediately or stored.
This method is only availiable to those of the Evil alignment because one is forcibly stealing the ‘life’ of their victims.

  • For reasons unknown, storing the Odic forces of a sacrifice seems to darken the gem. These are commonly known as Soul Gems and are considered a serious taboo in society
  • On a similar topic, although sacrificing a life is taboo, going to a battlefield and using the excess Prana is not however frowned upon, a ethical grey zone of this matter

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