Hierarchy of the Magi

Magister – The most highly ranked Magi in the Empire, he/she is chosen by the Council of Magi (see below) by popular vote. Whereas the Council of Magi is chosen on basis of power, the Magister is chosen from among members of the Council for not only his/her power, but also his/her skill in diplomacy as well as knowledge. The Magister is the public figure representing the Magi as a whole and stays at court on a near permanent basis to council the Emperor and represent the Magi’s interest. Is considered the absolute ruler of the Magi, though the Council is able to override his commands with a unanimous vote. Proper greetings include simply “Magister,” or"Magister Magi" or “Magister <surname>”

Council of Magi (Concilium de Magi) – 5 members chosen on the basis of their power among the Magi. Generally speaking the Council is made of long and storied families of Magi who often selectively breed to ensure continued strength in the bloodlines. The Council rules over all Magi in the Empire and sets laws and policies for all Magi. Some of those laws and policies apply to the Isle of Magi while many others apply to Magi who travel the continent. Council members have no official duties aside from this, however many choose to continue their own personal research. Each councilor has 3 Adjutor Magi assigned to him/her to carry out the commands and policies of the Council. Proper greetings include “Councilor Magi” or “Councilor <surname>”

Adjutor Magi – Chosen entirely from the Praecantator rank by individual Council members, the Adjutor rank is a very prestigious position, seen seen as a step to one day being a Council member. Those chosen for an Adjutor are able to decline the honor, though few do, as it is a very demanding position with many dangers. Adjutors in times of peace are sent across the Isle and the Empire proper to police any Magi who may break the laws set by Council (or the Empire) as well as carry out any commands by the Council of Magi. In times of war Adjutors are the personal body guards for the Magister who lacks the protection of the Isle and those on it. The proper greeting is “Adjutor”

Praecantator Magi – Only the most puissant of all Magi can reach this rank. Those who are more knowledgeable, but weaker in the magic are not able to obtain this position. There are few Magi in this rank, but those who are members are granted the the most freedom to do research aside from the Magister and Council members. Praecantator’s are still expected to contribute to the Isle in terms of manufacturing magical goods for sale, but it is restricted to 1 week a month. Other duties include testing those who wish to join their rank as well as carrying out commands from the Magister or Council. In times of war Praecantator’s are generally sent to assist generals in the Empire’s army. Proper greetings include “Praecantator Magi,” or “Praecantator <surname>”

Adjurator Magi – The most numerous in the hierarchy it is also the highest rank possible for Magi to achieve on basis of skill, knowledge, or achievement. Strength in the magic is a large part of the qualification as well. Those who are strong in the magic are usually put up into this position almost automatically, but those that try to achieve this rank based on skill, knowledge, or achievement face many difficult and complicated trials. Duties for the Adjurator rank are various, including teaching for 1 week of the month, manufacturing magical devices for 2 weeks of the month, and many of the Isle’s administrative duties. Members of this rank are also hired by nobility to train their child magi so they can avoid sending their children to the Isle. In times of war Adjurators are sent to fight on the front lines with a division of soldiers. Proper greetings include “Adjurator Magi” or “Adjurator <surname>”

Incantator Magi – The second most numerous rank on the Isle, the Incantators are commonly known as the Teachers as their primary duty is to educate the trainees that arrive on the Isle. Incantator Magi spend half the month teaching trainees, and the other half manufacturing magical goods for the Isle to sell. In times of war the Incantator Magi are the first line of defense on the Isle, attacking and disrupting from afar to ensure ships and other vessels cannot reach the Isle proper. Proper greetings include “Incantator Magi” or “Incantator <surname>”

Discipulus – 3rd and highest rank of trainee, Discipulus are both teachers and students. They are the primary educators for the Benivolus and Praesent trainees while at the same time they are fully devoted to magical training and education themselves. At this rank, trainees are permitted to use magic privately, although mishaps are severely punished. In times of war Discipulus are tasked with relocating and protecting the Benivolus and Praesent trainees to safety areas, as well as providing support to whatever full Magi may be on the island. Proper greetings include “Discipulus” or Discipulus <surname>"

Benivolus – The 2nd rank of trainee Benivolus are entirely devoted students. It is the first time they are permitted to actually use and train in magic. Early on they are taught in highly fortified and secure areas and only a couple times a month, with theory the rest of the month. As their training progresses they spend less time on theory and more on practical magic applications. Magical use is still highly restricted and only permitted with instructor supervision. In times of war Benivolus trainees protect the Praesents and their fellow Benivolus. Proper greetings include “Benivolus” or “Benivolus <surname>”

Praesent – The 1st rank of trainee, all new potential Magi are introduced into this rank. At the Praesent rank they are taught all the fundamentals of knowledge such as reading, writing, history, as well as several electives later on. Once the fundamentals are understood they are taught magical theory and laws regarding magic. Any magical use at this rank is highly punished with punishments ensuring there is no second offense. Proper greeting is simply “Praesent”

Hierarchy of the Magi

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