1h Elven Longsword

weapon (melee)

Magical Properties still unknown
Sentient and aware
Currently embedded with 4 Amber gems, size 1

Growth Capabilities:
Level 3: Aren awakens and guides Auberon during battle leading to increased battle capabilities – Critical Range Changes to 15-20/x2
Level 4: Aren realizes that Auberon cannot hit enemies and guides the blade to strike often and true – +5 to hit and damage changes to 2d8
Level 5: Auberon becomes use to the quickness of the blade and infuses it with more magic – Spellstrike now allows 2 spells to be cast per hit
Level 6: Aren realizes the weakness of only using certain spells through Spellstrike and forces Auberon to use all possible spells – Able to cast any spell through Spellstrike, no matter the range or delivery
Level 7: Aren realizes the folly of a Magus who casts spells through a blade only to injure himself with said spell and protect Auberon from harming himself – Auberon’s spells no can no longer effect/harm himself unless desired to
Level 8: Becoming use to protect Auberon, Aren now is able to redirect magical spells to desired effect – Able to change spells cast through Spellstrike from current Area to desired Area (e.g. from radius to cone)
Level 9: More to come….


A sword of unknown origin and power, it is currently in the possession of Auberon


Auctoritas loaneal