5th Session P1

Oberon [nearly] shits pants after finding out his sword is sentient and starts speaking to him.
However the sword Aren only speaks to Oberon [for now].
The Bard buys 50ft of rope at a seller in a cellar (Don’t question this arrangement…) at the cost of one silver. (Durable rope)
A dead messenger rolls into the town, with a bloodied letter on his person. (Missing an arm and arrows protruding out of his back)
A scout has arrived and has reported that there are about 600 troops.
Oberon fails to convince the party that we should defend the town.
The town’s army consists of 150 guardsmen and 30 archers. The village’s population is around 1000
Oberon rallies the peasants and got 90 peasants to join the cause if armed, he then however gets intimidated to back down.
Random brigands?
Oberon decides to see if the brigands who have come are well armed, they ask for a password and oberon fails.
A fight ensues.



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