4th Session

The magus barters with the lapistier/jeweller(?) for 2 polished amber gems at the price of 73 silver pieces.
The bard buys 3 burlap sacks for 8 silver at the tailor.
The samurai has attained a young horse with potential(??).
The magus and the cleric visit the magi’s library and find a tome of runes. (Takes 6 hours)
While the magus is reading the text a mark is burned into his mind.
The magus sends a letter to the isle to the rune expert, and it is successful.
The party rests at the inn, however the magus convinces the bard to gather insight on the revolution, discovers that there is some lord who is raising a rebellion.
The party hears a scream and investigates; the stealth squadron sees a group of armed men (52 armed men). The party sees 20 members with good armor (plate) and well-armed (armed to the core). One member is shouting/battlecry for the place of marron(?) (easily acceptable by boat)
The armed men notice the cleric sneaking away, the cleric creates an obscuring mist, the bard sends a confusing, non-specific message (we’re fucked) and the ranger launches a beacon into the sky, the party narrowly escapes by the samurai tossing the cleric onto his horse and riding away towards the main gate to the peninsula.
The party sends a message to the capital about the current scenario (raid) (also a potential ambush possibility within the message, in the eyes of the capital)
The magus pimps out the bard and the bard finds out nothing new, except that Marin has amazingly wonderful cider…


Level up to next level for each character.

Level 3, for those who didn’t know.



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