3rd Session?

13 bandits met up at the side of the pastures.
As the battle finishes a guard comes by. The guard is willing to give the party 5 silver pieces per dead bandit. The bard manages to convince the guard to give us 10 silver pieces per bandit instead.
The ranger manages to gather up enough rations for 42 days among the party. (7days a person for rations)
The party is going to the market which is a 1hour trip from the pastures.
The party makes it to the gates and they see 10 guards at the gate.
The guards toll for 1silver per guard for the transfer of the livestock. (After being intimidated by the Samurai)
The party stays at the inn for 3 nights.
The bard performs for the 3 nights and makes: 198 copper pieces.
The party makes a 7 day trip to the capital.
The party uses 7 days’ worth of rations. (Except the magus which used 5 days of rations, the ranger which used 3 days of rations)
The party gets to the capital and each member of the party gains 20 silver. (Magus gets -5 silver)
The Magus, Rogue and Cleric go to hand in the letter to Palace, while the samurai and bard go to the merchant/blacksmith.
Magus, rogue and cleric make it to the main gate in a line.
1 night stay at medium inn (bard performs)
Goes to palace, stroll up to barracks
Give commander the letter, and the Magus gets slapped with a gauntlet for 5 damage (civil war?)
Going to gate town to be recruited.



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