2nd Session

Dandy – Son of Count, Alphonse

Notice that at the Count’s house, Alphonse knows of the Tyrand royal family. He seems to speak of a past grandeur. He leads us through the manor effortlessly, which seems awesome. He leads us to the parlor, where we meet Marion. Marion tries to rush us along. Magus Auberon explains to Marion of the situation at the village as Alphonse begs for his father to help Beldonda, but Marion waves him off.

Marion agrees to send soldiers as that does affect his taxes. He thank us, and leaves to see his important visitor. Domonkos, our rogue, then proceeds to secretly (at Auberon’s suggestion) pursue the Count and find out what this meeting is about. Marion notices that the rogue is there, and confirms with the visitor that his son is safe. The mysterious stranger requests an allegiance, and Marion assumes that the stranger threatened his son. Marion never liked the Imperials much and the stranger hints about betraying the Empire.

The House of Sala is a strong name among nobility. Marion asks the stranger to leave, who then leaves as his plan backfired. Marion asks that his spy comes out, and Domonkos decides to bravely leave his hiding room. He discovers an assassin, by the name of Erin, was keeping tabs on Marion the whole time. Marion decides not to kill Domonkos as he saved his son.

Alphonse is intimidated by the samurai, but we will be travelling with the household levee. The village is burnt down and essentially destroyed. The palisades are down. At the market, the church is still standing strong though the door is damaged. There are no responses coming from the church so we decide to visit Baron’s Hold. We found the Baron dead, and so a mockery was made. A lot of the bodies are bandits, and we notice a dead Imperial soldier. It seems the Imperial took out a lot of bandits before he died.

Afterwards, we check the officers hold. On top of the rubble we notice the diamond regalia, someone placed a soldier cross there for the religion. We explore the town before reaching the inn. The innkeeper was still alive and they found out from him that the bandits had overrun the guards and sacked the town; kidnapped his daughter and stole everything else. A regiment of Imperial soldiers cleaned up the town and performed proper burial rights. The detachment was heading north.

We decide to follow the imperials. Noticing a few bandit corpses, we soon meet up with the regiment. Alphonse seeks out the captain of the regiment. Captain is skeptical at first, but believes us. Alphonse mentions that he was to relieve the town. Captain wants to use the levee to ambush the bandits post and send us as a distraction. Domonkos successfully managed to burn down 30 tents and caught many of the horses and men on fire, at which point the heroes charge into three bandits, two highwayman, one city guard, and one commander.

Editor: Stephy
Even after editing this unorganized piece of writing, I’m still confused as to who Marion is if we established that the “dandy” was the son of Alphonse “the Count”. Your grammar is terrible, Neal.



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